How To Allow The Customer To Choose A Free Item : Product List Widget


Want to give your customers the option to add a free item of their choice into their cart?

*Please note that this feature will not be available if the free items have variant options.


What you will need to do:


1) Set up a Product List Containing the Free Items. To find out more about this follow the article What Are Product Lists?

Creating the Product List

  1. Navigate to Catalog > Power Features > Product Lists.


  1. Enter a name for your Product List, then click Save


  1. Close the overlay, then click on the Edit Icon.
  2. Search for the products that you'd like to add to the list.
  3. Click on the product name or image to add the product.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to add as many products as needed.

2) Set up a discount method for the Free Items.

This can be done by first creating a coupon code to apply the discounted method.


You can do this by going to Marketing > Discounts.
Select New to create this new method.

Under Discount Action, select Choose Free Item(s) From Product List and select the product list and number of products you wish to have the customer choose from.

You will also need to set a discount rule.  The free items will only show when the rule applies.




Make sure that the method is active, and hit save.

 4. Apply the Discount Action Product List widget to the shopping cart page. 

This can be done by navigating to Themes > Edit Theme > Shopping Cart > Widgets
and select the Product Display widget.


Under Product Display type, select the list of items that are to be free. 

Select the Product Display type to be Discount Action Product List and select the discount method you wish to associate.


Make sure you select Show Quantity Boxes and Add To Cart Button and select Save. 


Next go to the Widget Layout screen.  The $$QTYBOX$$ merge code needs to be under the item section and $$ADDTOCART$$ needs to be under the main view.





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