ShipWorks Shipping Management


NOTE: The PayPal Bill Me Later status codes do not work with the current version of Shipworks software. A fix is being worked on by the Shipworks team.

What is ShipWorks?

ShipWorks connects to your online store, downloads your orders and makes it easy to create shipping lables, manage customers and emails.

Downloading and Installing ShipWorks

You can download ShipWorks from the following URL. Choose to run the installer and proceed with the installation. The Setup Wizard will walk you through the installation process.

Download Link:

The Add Store Wizard

After completing installation and setting up the database, you are ready to setup ShipWorks to connect to your online store.  To open the Add Store Wizard, choose "Manage > Stores..." from the main menu, and then click the Add Store button (the green plus sign icon).

Store Wizard Trial Selection Screen

30 Day Free Trial

You can try the full functionality of ShipWorks free for 30 days. To initiate your free trial, simply select Spark Pay online stores and click Next.

Already Have a License?

If you have already purchased a ShipWorks license, choose the "I need to enter my ShipWorks license key" option. Enter the license key into the box. It is recommended that you copy and paste the license key to avoid entry errors.


After completing the steps below, ShipWorks will be ready to download orders from the Spark Pay online store.

  1. Enter the username and password you use to login to your Spark Pay online stores account. NOTE: the username field is limited to 12 characters.
  2. Enter the URL to your Spark Pay online store.
  3. Click Next and continue through the setup wizard.

    Store Wizard Store Access Information Form
  4. Choose the store you would like to use with ShipWorks. Note: ShipWorks supports connecting to multiple Spark Pay online stores. Once you have completed the setup for the first store, you can add additional stores by choosing "Manage > Manage Stores > Add Store (the green plus icon), then proceeding through the remaining setup steps.

    Store Wizard Store Connect Selection
  5. Configure Automatic Shipment Updates. ShipWorks can automatically update the online order status with shipment tracking information when shipments are processed. You can choose the specific status to be set in the Spark Pay online store after a shipment is processed in ShipWorks, and whether or not to upload the tracking information. By default, the online order status and tracking uploads are enabled, with the status being set to "Shipped" in the Spark Pay online store.
    Store Wizard Store Automatic Update Options
  6. For ShipWorks to be able to send email, you need to configure it to use an outgoing SMTP email account. You can skip this step and setup email later if desired.

    Store Wizard Store Email Setup
  7. You can edit your contact information as needed. This information will print on any invoices, packing slips, or other template based documents you might generate from ShipWorks.

    Store Wizard Store Contact Information Form
  8. General setup is now complete. You can click the green "Download" button at the top of the main screen to download your orders from the Spark Pay online store.

    ShipWorks Application Screen

Additional Support

For additional support, please refer to the built-in help document in ShipWorks by choosing "Help > About Shipworks". You can also contact the ShipWorks support team toll free at 1-800-952-7784, Monday through Friday, 8AM through 5PM CST, email, or visit their online support forum at

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