(PHP) Example usage of Customer_SaveAndGet Method


Sample also on GitHub @ https://github.com/americommerce/soap-api-samples/blob/master/php/Customer_SaveAndGet.php

This example make an initial soap connect, grabs the latest order information and finally pulls and updates the customer information for the order.

    * Connecting to the AmeriCommerce Web Service API and utilizing some basic data retrieval and update methods.
    * Copyright AmeriCommerce L.P.
    * www.americommerce.com
    * 10/17/2012
    /* These constants can be replaced by any configuration your app needs to do. This just contains all the information
    * you need to connect to the web service and authenticate. */
    define("STORE_DOMAIN", "mystore.americommerce.com");
    define("API_USERNAME", "UserName");
    define("API_PASSWORD", "Password");
    define("SECURITY_TOKEN", "SecurityToken");
    // This namespace must be defined and cannot be changed.
    define("AC_NAMESPACE", "http://www.americommerce.com");
    /* Due to the nature of .NET SOAP Web Services, we have to create a subclass of the native PHP SoapClient and
    * override the way it handles namespaces. The default way the request is formatted is not interpreted by the
    * server correctly, especially when passing in a complex object as a parameter. */
    class ACSoapClient extends SoapClient {
        function __doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version) {
            $namespace = AC_NAMESPACE;
            $request = preg_replace('/<ns1:(\w+)/', '<$1 xmlns="'.$namespace.'"', $request, 1);
            $request = preg_replace('/<ns1:(\w+)/', '<$1', $request);
            $request = str_replace(array('/ns1:', 'xmlns:ns1="'.$namespace.'"'), array('/', 'xmlns="'.$namespace.'"'), $request);
            // parent call
            return parent::__doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version);

    // Create a hash containing the header information for authentication.
    $header_info = array(
        "UserName"         => API_USERNAME,
        "Password"         => API_PASSWORD,
        "SecurityToken" => SECURITY_TOKEN
    try {
        // Create a new instance of the client pointing to the wsdl endpoint.
        $client = new ACSoapClient("https://".STORE_DOMAIN."/store/ws/AmeriCommerceDb.asmx?wsdl");
        // Create a new header object specifying the namespace, header object type, and hash containing the header details.
        $header = new SoapHeader("http://www.americommerce.com", "AmeriCommerceHeaderInfo", $header_opts, false);
        // Set the header on the client instance so that we can authenticate.
        // Grab the OrderID from the last order placed        
        $lastorder = $client->Order_GetLastOrderID();
        // Fetch the order details
        $order = $client->Order_GetByKey(array("piorderID" => $lastorder->Order_GetLastOrderIDResult))->Order_GetByKeyResult;
        // Fetch the customer details from the order
        $customer = $client->Customer_GetByKey(array("picustomerID" => $order->customerID->Value))->Customer_GetByKeyResult;
        // Lets update some of the customer information
        $customer->lastName = "John";
        $customer->firstName = "Doe";
        $Customer->email = "newemail@thedomain.com";
        // After updating the customer information, we need to save it on the server
        $savedCustomer = $client->Customer_SaveAndGet(array("poCustomerTrans" => $customer))->Customer_SaveAndGetResult;
    } catch(Exception $e) {
        <title>Example Customer_SaveAndGet Method</title>
        <h3>First Name</h3>
        <?= $savedCustomer->firstName ?><br/>
        <h3>Last Name</h3>
        <?= $savedCustomer->lastName ?><br/>
        <h3>Email Address</h3>
        <?= $savedCustomer->email ?><br/>
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