Ve Interactive Integration



We are proud to introduce supported integration with Ve Interactive.

Ve Interactive  is a great tool for driving online performance and works with various ecommerce retailers to help optimize and maximize online conversion rates.


Getting Started

Once you have created an account with Ve, you will be provided with a script that will need to be placed on the store. Once it has been placed and saved it will be implemented in a few easy steps.


Where To Place The Code

The ideal placement for the Javascript is within the footer of your theme.  This way the code is on all the necessary pages needed to capture information.

Example Script

<script src="//" type="text/javascript" async></script>

Please Note: The source for the file is unique to your site.

Simply cut and paste the JavaScript code from the TXT file provided and place it in the footer or near the bottom of the HTML above the end body tag </BODY> or directly within your store's footer.


You can navigate here by going to Themes > Edit Theme

Then navigate to Footer > HTML Editor and place the script in the editor.



<script src="//" type="text/javascirpt" async></script>



PLEASE NOTE: If your site uses iframes, please add the Javascript inside and outside of the iframe.



Pixel Implementation – Best Practice

The purpose of the Pixel is to mark your site’s sales as sales and not abandonments to ensure we do not target customers who have completed purchases from your site.  In addition to the Javascript, the Pixel should be placed on the completion page.

Direct placement

The Pixel should be placed on the completion/thank you page.  It is recommended that it is placed at the TOP of the page, below the opening <BODY> tag of the HTML – or as close to the top as possible.


<img src="//" width="1" height="1"/>


Please Note: The journey code issued to you is unique to your site.

Checking implementation

You can check implementation and correct activity for the Javascript and the Pixel using the Developer tools in Google Chrome.

 First, open your website, then go to Settings -> Tools -> Developer tools.

 This will open up the tools at the bottom of the screen. Once there, click on the “Network” tab:


Now, go through to a page where our code should be implemented. You should then see the following appear:



 Technical Support Contact Details

 If you need further assistance or advice please contact Ve Interactive support here.

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