API Scopes


Many of the API scopes are segmented similarly to the admin console. There are some special ones that cover more specific functionality. An access token can only use the scopes that are requested by the application when the token is being created. To change the scope, a new token must be obtained.

The user account requesting the access token must have the appropriate role-based privledges in the admin console before they can obtain a token.


Permissions required: CustomersCustomerTypesUserAccountsStoreSettings

  • read_people - View customer, user, or profile data
  • people - View and change customer, user, or profile data; supercedes read_customer if specified together


Permissions required: OrdersOrderStatuses

  • read_order - View order data
  • order - View and change order data; supercedes read_order if specified together


Permissions required: ProductsProductStatusesVariationGroupsProductAttributesCategoriesManufacturers

  • read_catalog - View catalog data
  • catalog - View and change catalog data; supercedes read_catalog if specified together


Permissions required: BlogsBlogCategoriesBlogPostsContentManagementUrlRedirecting

  • read_content - View blog, page, and other content-related data
  • content - View and change blog, page, and other content-related data; supercedes read_content if specified together


Permissions required: AdCodesAffiliatesEmailEditorMailingListDiscountMethodsGiftCertificates

  • read_marketing - View adcode, discount, and other marketing-related data
  • marketing - View and change adcode, discount, and other marketing-related data; supercedes read_marketing if specified together


  • email - Send email on behalf of the store (requires EmailEditor permissions)
  • custom_fields - Manage custom fields (requires CustomFields permissions)


  • settings - View and change configuration data (requires ShippingWarehousesTaxRatesGlobalRegions,PaymentGateways, and UrlRedirecting permissions)
  • system - Perform system tasks such as uploading files to the site (requires FileBrowserSessions, and StoreSettingspermissions)
  • decrypt - Access to decrypt certain sensitive information, cannot be combined with no_expiry (user must be able to view credit card data)
  • no_expiry - Token does not expire and does not require a refresh token, cannot be combined with decrypt
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