FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I log in to Spark Pay online store?

A.You will need to navigate to yourstore.com/store/admin or Spark Pay online store. If you are on a trial period still you will need to use your Spark Pay online store address. 
You can also click "Forgot Password" at the bottom, next to the Sign In button to send a forgot password email to you. The email will contain the reset password link.

Q. How do I make a test order without using my real credit card?

A. Creating A Test Order

Q. How do I edit my favicon and troubleshoot it?

A. Favicons

Q. How can I combine my blog/journal with my store?

Using Wordpress and other Blog Tools With Spark Pay Online Stores.

Q. What framework do you use?

A. Bootstrap

Q. What is Bootstrap?

A. Bootstrap is a HTML/CSS Framework used on our newest themes. The benefit is a framework of HTML/CSS tools that allow responsive sites to be built quick and easy.

Q. How do I make changes to the CSS files on my store?

A. Go to Themes > Edit Theme > Global CSS Editor to view the entirety of main stylesheet associated with the storefront. You can also go to Themes > Edit Theme > Edit Page > CSS Editor to edit the CSS from the main stylesheet associated with the page.

Q. Several new changes are not showing on my store.

A. Try clearing the Server Side Cache,. You can also check to make sure the HTML is not commented out in the pages HTML Editor.

Q. How do I set up a payment gateway to authorize only?

A. Setting Up A Payment Gateway To Only Authorize.

Q. How do I edit products and categories in bulk?

A. Mass Editing Products and Categories in Bulk.

Q. How do I create an Attribute?

A. How to create Attributes and Attribute Groups.

Q. How do I add Social Bookmark Icons To My Store?

A. How To Use Custom Add This Code Custom Icons

Q. How do I set up Credit Card Processing?

A. How To Accept Credit Cards.

Q. I have questions about a gateway I want to use and see if you support it.

A. Look at our list of supported gateways. If it is not on the list, contact the payment gateway/merchant service and see if they offer integration.

Q. I have questions about how SSL Certificates work.

A. How do SSL's work and what are my options?

Q. How do I make a support ticket?

A. Email supportrequest@sparkpay.com or go to our Help Request page.

Q. How Do I Refund An Order?

A. How Do I Issue A Refund Or Void A Transaction Through my Spark Pay online store?

Q. My Login With Facebook Add On Isn’t Working

A. Use the $$FACEBOOKLOGINBUTTON$$ merge code in any spot the customer would log in. 
Login with Facebook

Q. My cards are getting declined and are returning an AVS code Error. What do I do next?

A. Troubleshooting Payment Processors.

Q. What is the difference between a Responsive theme and a non responsive theme?

A. A responsive theme adjusts the page pending on the browser width. This provides a better browsing experience for customers on mobile devices. Responsive themes.

Q. How do I allow customers to view a separate content page that contains another file or page on my store?

A. How to link to an external file.

Q. How do I create specific coupon codes and discounts for a marketing campaign or sale our store is having?

A. Check out our Discount method system and Common Discount Types KB's.

Q. How do I allow my customers to get a free item when using a discount method?

A. How To Allow The Customer To Choose A Free Item Using The Product List Widget

Q. How do I change specific text on my store to either say something different or in another language?

A. How To Create/Change Store Text Profile

Q. How do I change the breadcrumbs or take items away from them on the category?

A. What are navigation breadcrumbs, and how do I disable them?

Q. How do I change the items in my top menu navigation?

A. How To Change Top Navigation Links

Q. What is happening with this order? Can you tell me what happeend?

A. How to troubleshoot an order using the audit history.

Q. How do I set up shipping?

A. How to set up live shipping rates

Q. What is the difference between a storefront and a microstore?

A. Differences between storefront and microstores

Q. I have specific questions on how to alter my HTML and CSS. How can I get help on this?

A. You can check out other useful resources such as:

  • Treehouse - Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone apps & more to learn how to build websites and apps, and write code. Free trial set up.
  • Code School - Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts.
  • W3 Schools - Learn HTML with tutorials and basics: HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PHP, JQUERY, ANGULAR, XML, and more!

Q. I need more help and a walk through on how to set up my theme.

A. Free tech support does not offer step by step walkthroughs and training on how to alter themes.  While theme modification is outside the scope of support, our Agency Services division is available to make modifications at an hourly rate.
Other options for advanced support include:

    • Training and walk-throughs
    • Web Design
    • Site Implementation and Theme Modification
    • Data Restoration
    • API Support or Assistance

See a list of setup services here.

Q. What is included with Free Tech Support?

A. Free Tech Support Features

Q. I want to see specific items on my sales report.

Understanding Sales Reports

Q. How do I set up a state or region to have a specific tax rate?

A. What Are Global Regions And How Are They Set Up?
Setting up tax rates, and how they work.

Q. How do I set a specific email template to go out?

A. Email Trigger Locations

Q. How do I convert a quote into an order?

A. How to convert a quote to an order

Q. How do I change things in Live Design?

A. How to edit your site while browsing with Live Design

How do I hide the credit card on an invoice?

A. Truncate credit card information on invoices.

How do I change the look of the invoice?

A. Generating a printable invoice or packing slip
How to customize an invoice or packing slip.

Q. What do the colored dots on the Visitor Logs mean?

A. They are showing specific logged info and messages. Check out more here.

Q. How do I block an IP Address from accessing my store?

A. How to block IP Addresses.

Q. How do I reduce traffic and lower my bandwidth overages?

A. Reducing Traffic Bandwidth

Q. How do I control who or what accesses my store?

A. Visitor Analytic Rules

Q. I need FTP Access. What do I do?

A. Make sure you have a live site and FTP software of your choice. Submit a support request with your website information to have an FTP account created for you. The email will have to be from an administrator or owner of the storefront.

Q. My facebook shop app isn’t working.

A. Make sure you don’t use your *.mysparkpay.com shared SSL when setting up facebook. If that was done, let us know Submit a request here.

Q. How do I put a youtube video in my product?

A. How To Embed Youtube Videos Into Your Products.

Q. My sales report isn’t congruent to what my other customer management software says it should be.

A. We give you the option to export your sales report. It can then access it via a spreadsheet software such as Excel or Google Spreadsheets. You will then need to exclude cancelled or declined orders as these show in the grand total.​

Q. How do I Import/Export?

A. Understanding Import and Export Fields
How Do I Import Items Onto My Store?

Q. Can I run PHP / ASP / Perl / Cold Fusion or any 3rd party code on my Spark Pay online store?

A. As a security and stability precaution, we do not allow 3rd party scripts to be run on our ecommerce servers.

Have a quick question and need answers? Submit a request here.

We may need to further investigate and test any issues reported. Please include any screenshots or links necessary to further explain the problem or question. 

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  • Avatar
    Mike Mohini

    ftp - or one will need to be created??? how can i create one without support request?

  • Avatar
    Mallory Welch

    Hi Mike,

    If you already use an FTP client, you will need it to be set up with a username and othe credentials to have it connect with Spark Pay. You can submit a support request or shoot us an email at http://mailto:supportrequest@sparkpay.com supportrequest@sparkpay.com and let us know your site address and that you need ftp access and we will get that started!