Automatic Credit Card Processing and Auto Authorization


With Americommerce Spark Pay Online Stores you can automatically process credit cards based on specific order statuses as well as refund them if your gateway settings are in place to support auto-processing and refunds.


In Settings > Payments & Taxes > General

You can find the following section and here you can choose the order statuses that you wish to be applied with your payment gateway's automatic credit card transactions. It should be noted that this only works if you have a payment gateway in place and not an app or api integration such as Paypal Express, etc.



You can enable auto-capture on order status change, meaning when an order status is changed and the order is saved manually in the back end of the admin console or due to card declining, etc. You can also enable the ability to auto-refund and order and select the status. There is a field to enter an email address to send these notifications to in the event that an order has been refunded or automatically authorized.


You can also set up a payment gateway to "Authorize Only". For more instructions on that, click here to see our article on Authorizing Payments.





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