How To Clear Server Side Cache When Changes Aren't Showing




To increase performance, site content is cached on the web server. If you've made recent changes to products, categories, themes, widget, etc and noticed that these changes are not reflecting on the front-end of the site, this could be due to server-side caching. If so, clearing the server-side cache will cause the most recent updates to be displayed. This article explains two methods to clear the server-side cache.


Method 1: Clear Through Live Design

First, we need to sign in and open the live design editor. To do so,

  • Browse to your homepage, then
  • add the following to the end of the URL in your browser's web address bar: ?livedesign=on, then press enter. For example, if your domain is, browse to
  • Login using your user credentials if prompted, and when the page reloaded, you should have the live design pallet visible at the top left. Click the pallet to open live design: 




In Live Design, click Actions > Theme > Edit > Clear server-side cache:



Method 2: Clear Using URL

To clear using the URL, simply browse to the following URL (replacing yourdomain with your store's domain):

Pro-Tip: Create a browser bookmark to make this easier in the future. 

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    Mary Troost

    Would love to be able to clear cache from dashboard with a one button hit - :)

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    Michal Robin

    Hey Mary!

    There isn't a button in the dashboard, but there is an alternative.
    In your browser create a bookmark and set the URL to: + "/store/admin/actions.aspx?ClearCache=true", "_self");

    If you are viewing the front of the store, while signed into the dashboard, the cache will be cleared without having to go through the Live Design.

    Its usually best to save the bookmark directly to the Bookmark Bar or something like that.

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    Kathy Sechrist

    Often clearing browser cache and server cache STILL doesn't show my new code. I've noticed that this is much more likely to happen when it's "behind the scenes" code - head tags, css, and such - but I've seen it with changes to visible elements as well. It's extremely frustrating to have to wait half an hour or more for my changes to show up. Can anything be done?

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    Austin Smith

    Hello Kathy!

    "I've noticed that this is much more likely to happen when it's "behind the scenes" code - head tags, css, and such - but I've seen it with changes to visible elements as well."

    This is actually likely due to your browser caching. Try clearing your browser's cache (ctrl+F5 in most browsers). If that doesn't work, navigate to Themes > Edit Theme > Head Tags and make sure all the CSS file references are using the file path versioned merge code like so:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="##FILEPATHVERSIONED[##THEMEDIR##css/style.css]##">

    This adds a query string and a version number to the end of the file path. This lets the browser know if the file has been modified; which forces the browser to request the most up-to-date version of the file.

    SPOS Support

    Edited by Austin Smith
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    Kathy Sechrist

    That's awesome Austin - I will give that a try!!