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How To Set It Up

To integrate your AmeriCommerce account  with ShippingEasy you'll need to access your ShippingEasy account's SETTINGS tab. Alternatively, if you are integrating during registration for your ShippingEasy account, you can skip to step 3, below.

1. In the SETTINGS tab, click on the STORES section. 

2. Once there, click on the the "+ Add New" button on the side of the screen.

3. Select "AmeriCommerce" from the Platform drop down. You need two pieces of information from your AmeriCommerce account - the Store Domain address of your store and your account's Access token:

4. The Store Domain is easy to fill in: just put in the URL to your store, without the https:// at the beginning:

5. To get the AmeriCommerce Access token, open another browser window and login to your AmeriCommerce account.  Click the Tools link in the lower-left corner:

6. In the Tools menu, click the entry for Apps and Addons:

Scroll to the bottom of the list and click the entry for API Apps & Integrations:

8. Click the New button in the upper-right corner:

9. Type in ShippingEasy for the application name and then click Next:

10. Under the entry for "OAuth2 Flow", click Select:


11. Click Create:

12. On the row for ShippingEasy, click the icon for Access Tokens - it looks like a head and shoulders icon:

13. Click New:

14. Click the check boxes for all of the following permissions.

People Permissions: 


    View customer, user, or profile data
Orders Permissions: 
   View and change order data
Catalog Permissions: 
   View catalog data
Other Permissions: 
   View and change configuration settings 
   Perform System Tasks
   Stay logged in without expiration

15.Click the Save button:

16. The newly created token is shown at the top of the list of tokens; click the magnifying glass icon:


17. Copy the Access token value from AmeriCommerce:

18. Paste it into ShippingEasy:


19. Click the Save button and you're done!  



Questions About Shipping Easy

How does it work?

Periodically ShippingEasy will automatically read orders from your AmeriCommerce account and load them into your ShippingEasy account.

How do I configure the AmeriCommerce support? 

A step-by-step guide to installation and configuration of our AmeriCommerce support is available here.

Are all orders sent from my AmeriCommerce account to ShippingEasy?

No. Orders that have a payment status in AmeriCommerce of "Awaiting Payment" will be brought into ShippingEasy with a status of Awaiting Payment. Orders that have a payment status in AmeriCommerce of "Approved, Pending Shipping" will be brought into ShippingEasy with a status of Awaiting Shipment. All other orders will be ignored.

What information is sent back to AmeriCommerce when I ship an order in ShippingEasy?

The tracking number of the shipment is updated on the AmeriCommerce order. In addition, the carrier and type of service are provided, along with the specific line items from the order that were included in the shipment. AmeriCommerce does not currently support recording the cost of a shipment, so that information is not sent from ShippingEasy back to AmeriCommerce.

What happens when I ship only part of an AmeriCommerce order?

AmeriCommerce does not have a "partially shipped" order status. So if you split an AmeriCommerce order in ShippingEasy, when each of the split orders ships ShippingEasy will send the shipment information to AmeriCommerce. The status of the order itself, however, will not change in AmeriCommerce to "Shipped" until all line items from the original order have been shipped. 

Note that if instead of using "Split Order", you use "Split Quantity", the order will update in AmeriCommerce to a status of "Shipped" after the first shipment is sent.

What happens when I use Mark as Shipped on an AmeriCommerce order?

Selecting "Mark as Shipped" on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy will send the shipment information back to AmeriCommerce where it will be added to the order. The status of the order in AmeriCommerce, however, does not change. 

What happens when I duplicate an AmeriCommerce shipment?

If all of the line items in the order have already been shipped, it will not allow ShippingEasy to add the shipment information to the AmeriCommerce order for an additional shipment.  

Does ShippingEasy support AmeriCommerce product options?

Yes! If you setup your AmeriCommerce products with "Options/Variants":

Catalog > Products > Edit Product: Options/Variants

And then log into ShippingEasy and go to SETTINGS > STORES > click Edit store settings for your AmeriCommerce store > and check the option for displaying product options:

Then you will see your customer's product option selections on the order in ShippingEasy:


Step By Step Instructions From Shipping Easy
How To Use Shipping Easy With Americommerce


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