How To Remove The Quick View Feature


Note: Theme modification involves any change to the default values in the HTML or CSS of any theme or widget. Support can direct you to the correct page to make changes or to reset the widget, page HTML or CSS to its default value. This will undo any customization that may be in place. Before you create or modify a theme using HTML and CSS it is suggested to have a backup handy.

While theme modification is outside what support is allowed to assist with, if you need assistance with making modification to the theme, our implementation department is available to make these modification at an hour rate. If the service is ever needed please let us know and we will get that process started for you. Or check out our new Theme Store to find a theme that suits your needs.

The quick view feature allows your customers to see a preview of a product without navigating from the current page. You may not want this feature enabled, so this KB is to explain how to disable it.Disabling the feature is easy and straightforward.  All you need to do is HTML on your theme.




In Live Design: Actions > Theme Edit > [This Page] > HTML Editor

In the admin console: Themes > Edit Theme > Pages > [Desired Page To Remove Quick View] > HTML Editor



If you have a newer theme you will find in the custom settings "Show Product Quickview On Category" 

Otherwise, you will have to find in the HTML editor.

You can then comment it out with <!-- and -->

(See more on Hiding and Unhiding Items With HTML)

 <!-- <button class="btn btn-default quick-view abs" data-href="##ITEMURL##?previewlayoutname=Product%20Quick%20View" data-title="##ITEMNAME## - ##ITEMNR##">Quick View</button> -->


Global Removal (across the whole site)


If you want to change it Globally in your CSS you can add the following to your CSS:


button.btn.quick-view.abs { display: none; }


Also, if you want to be able to click the link of the product name to go to the product, add this to your product details widget or your HTML editor of the desired page.


 <a href="##ITEMURL##"> <h4>##PRODUCTNAME##</h4></a>



This is saying for a link, it will link to the items URL and pull the product name into the link for all the product thumbnails of said widget/page.



If you don't wish to hide it but wish to edit it, we have the following article here: Editing The Quick View Modal


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    Steve Hull

    Found that on the Custom Settings check box that unchecking this had no effect after refresh. Moved on the HTML page and added<!-- --> on the following pages did work:
    Product Detail,
    Home page (check box worked on this page),
    Category Page
    Catalog Search

    Note: Catalog Page: No button in Basic Settings, No reference in the HTML Page code.

    But the KB did help me shut this feature down.

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    Brady Rodgers
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    Brady Rodgers
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