UPS Freight Ground Integration




UPS Freight integration requires a UPS Access Key with production access. This article will walk you through:

  • Generating an Access Key on
  • Requesting Production Access on the Access Key
  • Using the Access Key to Setup UPSFreight Integration in Spark Pay

After completing this setup, UPSFreight live shipping rates will be available as a shipping option on your store.

Note: You will need a UPS username and password, account and access key. If you do not have these credentials sign up for a My UPS account or visit for more information. 


Request Access Key

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. In the left hand menu click Technology Support > Developer Resource Center > UPS Developer Kit.
  3. Click “Request Access Key”.

Once you have received an access key from UPS, it can be viewed/edited in Manage Access Keys:

Request Production Access: 

To request product access:

  1. Go to UPS Technology Support -> Developer Resource Center -> UPS Developer Kit.
  2. Click "Manage Access Keys":

3. Enter your access key and choose"Request Production Access":

4. Check “Rating - Ground Freight", then click Next

On the next page, you will be asked to enter number into Ground Freight Testing Results >>> Rate Value (see step 5 below):

5. In another tab or window, login to your Spark Pay Online Store admin console and navigate to Settings > Shipping > General, then copy and paste the Access Key and Account Number from into the corresponding fields in Spark Pay: 


5. Go to Settings > Shipping > Shipping Providers > Edit UPSFreight

6. Put in your UPS account username and password. DO NOT check Active, Click Save.

7. Click More Actions > Test 

8. Check "Certification Test", click the “Test” button. 

9. Get the amount for “Total shipping charge”. We need it to finish production access approval.

10. Enter the “Total shipping charge” from the certification test in Spark Pay in the field on 


11. Wait for the request to be approved by UPS. 

12. After your production access is approved, activate your UPS Freight provider in Settings > Shipping > Shipping Providers > Edit UPSFreight.


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