Troubleshooting Discount Methods


Troubleshooting Discounts

Below are some troubleshooting steps to take if a discount is not working. Be sure to test in an incognito/private browsing window, and clear the shopping cart and add the products back after each test.

  • Is the discount active?
  • Is the action(s) active?
  • Is the discount expired?
  • If the discount has a customer type rule, are you logged in as the customer type in a private window?
  • Is the discount strict? If so, does the cart pass every rule?
  • Does the discount have action rules? If so, does it pass all the action rules and the method rules?
  • Does the discount have an action? Discounts will not work without an action
  • Does the discount use a coupon code? If so, is the correct character case being entered?
  • Is the coupon code a method rule? Coupon code rules only work as a method rule, and not as an action rule
  • Is there a space in the discount code rule?
  • Is the product marked as Do Not Discount in Catalog > Products > Edit Product > General?

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