Submitting Sitemap to Google


Adding your sitemap to Google

Submitting a site map to Google gives the search engine more information about your site. This helps when upon indexing the site, and can help bring more traffic to your site. Feel free to refer to this support article for more information on submitting the map to Google.

Adding your sitemap to Google is a straightforward task. First, you will want to go to your Google Search Console . If you haven't, go ahead and sign up for Google Webmaster tools for access. If you haven't already added your website in as a property, you can do this here.

Upon adding your site, you will want to choose Crawl > Sitemaps in the left column. Here, you will click Add/Test Sitemap in the top right corner. You will want to enter sitemap.xml in the box that appears when clicking this link.

After choosing "Submit Sitemap", you should see it appear in your list of sitemaps. This is all you need to officially submit your sitemap to Google.

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