eBay Integration


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In the new 2015.4 builds, store owners have the ability to list and sell their products on eBay.

For using the integration, you will need to first authorize the app. Navigate to Tools > Apps & Addons > eBay. If the app has not been authorized yet, there will be an "Authorize Now" button. This will take you to eBay to login and approve the app.

After authorizing the connection, you will now be able to sell your products on eBay. To begin setting up products for eBay, go to Tools > Apps & Addons > eBay > eBay Listing Templates. Click New to add a new product.

Here, you will have a multitude of options for the eBay listing. These include:

  • Listing Template Name (to choose later when listing
    • Auction Type
    • Auction
    • Fixed Price Listing
  • Condition
    • New
    • Used

  • Listing Duration
    • 1 day
    • 3 days
    • 5 days
    • 7 days
  • eBay Categories - lets you choose what category to list your products
  • Pricing
    • Pricing can be arbitrarily set on the template
    • Can be based on the Product Price
    • Currently only the products BASE PRICE is considered
  • For Auction type listings, the starting price can be set as well as a Buy it Now price.
  • When using the product price, the price can be adjusted up/down via the +/- Dollars or +/- Percentage.
  • Shipping
    • FlatRate or Calculated
    • Handling Time = number of days before shipping
  • Payments
    • PayPal email address to receive payment - this is prefilled automatically if the store accepts PayPal
    • Payment Types must be chosen that the store will accept, also predefined by eBay.
  • Sales Tax - a single sales tax rate may be defined for a single state. It will be prefilled with the store's sales tax for the default tax region.
  • Misc
    • Allow Returns
    • Allow International Orders
    • Extra Listing Features (These may incur additional listing fees.)
    • Bold Title
    • Highlight Title

Fixed (Non product price):

Calculated Shipping (Control + click to select multiple shipping methods)

Creating a Listing

NOTE: Currently products with Variants and product groups are not able to list. The main method of listing products is via the product list. (Catalog > Products) When the integration is enabled, the "List Products on eBay" button will be available in More Actions

The option is also available via the Product Editor General Tab

Clicking the button will pull up a wizard to guide through the listing process. Step one is to choose a template and store for orders to sync back into.

Step 2 will show you the fees that will be charged to the eBay account. If there are any issues with the listing the errors will be shown inline and no fees will be shown.

Clicking "Save and List" will post the products to eBay and you will be given links to view the product listings

And that is all it takes!

The Product Name and description determine the listing title on the product description tab.  Active listings will show in Tools > Apps & Addons > eBay > eBay Listings.

When an Item is sold on ebay OR when the listing expires it will be hidden from the default view. Expired and Completed listings can be viewed via Search Options

Once an order is placed on eBay it will be synced back to the store for fulfillment. The Order ID will be shown on the eBay Listing and can be edited from here (as well as the normal order List).

When the store adds a tracking number and marks the order as shipped, the tracking syncs back to eBay and the eBay order is marked as shipped.

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