Stripe Payment Gateway Setup


Stripe is here!

As of the 2015.5 build, Stripe is now a valid payment gateway for storefronts. With an easy to use setup, its faster and easier than ever to have a payment gateway added into a storefront.

NOTE: Make sure you have a Stripe account set up before beginning the process.

Before we begin, you will want to log into your Stripe account, and copy the API Secret Key to your clipboard. After you have the API Key, login to your Spark Pay admin. Navigate to Settings > Payments & Taxes > Payment Gateways, and add a new Gateway. Choose Stripe from the dropdown.


Now click Add in the top right, and you will be brought to the settings for the gateway. Here, you will want to enter your Secret API Key that you obtained from Stripe. Also make sure to designate what store you would like this gateway to work on (or all if applicable).

You can go through the rest of the options if you'd like to add a cost modifier, or choose to manually process. Just make sure to save at the end, and run a test order with an actual working credit card, to verify there are no issues connecting.

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