Backup Your Store



Are you ready to save all your hard work?!?! This article will walk you through all the steps in backing up everything on your store and the recommended way to store that information. Let's get started!


Backing Up Store Information

Note: These exports do not have to be done in any particular order. Nor do you have to do all of them. Only export the information on the data that you want to back-up.

  • Navigate to Tools > Data Export in your admin console.
  • Click the blue Select button under the data you need to export.
  • Do not change any options and select the green Export button in the top right corner. (This will create a file with full mapping.) 

Repeat steps 1-3 above on all 7 common exports listed below:

  • Category
  • Customer
  • Order
  • Product
  • Product Pricing
  • Product Variant
  • Product Variant Inventory

Once you have exported all the files navigate to your Downloads and find all 7 files.

Create a new folder and title it Online Store Backup.

Add all 7 exports to that folder.

You have now backed-up all your stores information.


Backing Up Your Theme

Navigate to Themes and select the Gear Icon under your active theme and select Export.



Once that file is downloaded. Locate it in your downloads. 

Add that file to the same folder you created above titled Online Store Backup.

Now in Windows right click the folder and Hover over Send To and choose Compressed (Zipped) Folder.


Everything is now back-up up in that one file. Keep it safe!


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  • Avatar
    Jake Madsen

    Still no way to backup content pages, custom merges, and discount methods?

  • Avatar
    Will Jiminez

    Hello Jake. We are currently in talks of backing up discount methods but it is not implemented yet. I don't think that custom merge codes have been brought up yet, but I like the idea and will mention.

    We do have the ability to backup content pages, but it is a system admin setting currently. You can submit a support request and we can create a backup of your content pages for you at no charge.

  • Avatar

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you guys backing up all stores on servers (at least) daily?

  • Avatar
    Austin Smith


    This is correct. Our server host creates a backup of the entire store  each day. However, it takes some time to restore data from the backup to your store (and the restore can incur you a cost depending on the reason for the restore), so we recommend that clients create their own backups on a regular bases.

    SPOS Support

    Edited by Austin Smith