How to Filter Products Using Attributes


If you need to allow your customers to filter products on a category page using check-boxes or a drop-down menu, Attributes are the solution.

For example, if you are selling automobiles, and you need your customers to be able to sort products by year, make, and model. The year, make, and model are the attribute groups, and all the possible choices are the attributes:


There are a few steps to setting up attribute filters like in the screenshot above, so we'll break it down step by step. Click on the first link below to get started making attributes. Optionally, if you have lots of attributes to create, you can use the attribute group import and attribute import to create many attributes at once -- See link 4 below:

  1. How to create Attributes and Attribute Groups
  2. How to Apply Attributes to Products
  3. How to Display Attribute Filters on Category Pages
  4. Optional: How to Create Attributes and Attributes Groups (Import)


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