How to Create Attributes and Attributes Groups (Import)


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In this article, we will cover how to create attributes and attribute groups using the import and export tools found in Tools > Data Import and Tools > Data Export.

Step 1: Perform an Attribute Group and Attribute Export

To make this process easier, first create at least one attribute group and one attribute in Catalog > Attributes, then head over to Tools > Data Export and perform an attribute group export AND and attribute export. Download both CSV files by clicking "download" in the bottom left corner of the screen:

Step 2: Import the Attribute Groups

Once the exports are finished downloading, open up the AttributeGroup Export CSV. You should see the attribute group you created in Catalog > Attributes on row 2. This group has been assigned an ID by the system. Leave the ID field blank for new attribute groups you want to create -- this tells the system to create a new attribute group. Use row 2 as example for creating the rest of your attribute groups:

 In the above screenshot, the "Make" Attribute Group is the attribute I created in the Catalog > Attributes. I used this as an example for creating the new groups "Model", "Year", and "Color".

Once you are finished adding attribute groups to the CSV, navigate to Tools > Data Import > Attribute Group, and run your import. Then go to Catalog > Attributes to check your work. You should see a list of attribute groups that includes the new attribute groups you just imported:

Step 3: Import the Attributes

The last step is to import the attributes. To start, open up the AttributeExport you downloaded in Step 1. You'll notice that the Attribute you created in Catalog > Attributes on row 2 -- it has an ID assigned by the system. For the new attributes you would like to import, leave the AttributeID field blank -- this tells the system to create new attributes. Add the AttributeGroupID, AttributeGroupName, and the AttributeName. The other fields are optional:

Once you are finished editing the CSV, be sure to save the file as a CSV, then head over to Tools > Data Import > Attribute Import to perform the import. If the import was performed correctly, you will see your new attributes in Catalog > Attributes, by editing an attribute group:


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