Product Shipping Rate Adjustments



What are Rate Adjustments?

A rate adjustment is a product shipping setting that gives store owners the ability to specify a product's shipping cost. There are two rate adjustment types: additional and flat rate. Additional adds the dollar amount specified to the auto-calculated rate from a shipping provider or a custom shipping method. Flat rate completely overrides the auto-calculated rate for that product. 


Enabling Rate Adjustments on a Product

To enable rate adjustments on a product:

  • Navigate to Catalog > Products > Edit Product > Shipping
  • Change Rate Adjustment Type from Auto Calculated to Additional or Flat Rate.
  • Click Save:

After you save and the page is finished loading, a page with the active shipping methods and services will be displayed: 


  • Enter desired rate in rate fields
  • Select region availability in availability drop down
  • Save


Setting up Free Shipping Using Rate Adjustments

A common use case for Rate Adjustments is setting up free shipping for a single product. Doing so is as easy as following the steps above to setup a flat rate of $0 on a product. For a step by step guide on setting that up, checkout the How do I Ship a Product for Free? article. 


Setting Rate Adjustments with a Product Import

If you have lots of products that need rate adjustments, the rate adjustment can be applied using a product import. If you're familiar with the product import feature, the steps are pretty simple: 

  1. First, setup one product with the rate adjustment you would like in the admin console, then
  2. Export the products, including the one you just setup
  3. Download and edit the exported CSV file using a CSV editor like Microsoft Excel
  4. Find the product setup in Step 1 and copy the value of its ShippingAdjustments field to the rest of the products that have the same rate adjustment
  5. Save the CSV (be sure to save in .csv format) and import the file in Tools > Data Import > Product Import

If you are not familiar using the product import feature, checkout the How Do I Import Products (using a spreadsheet) to My Store? article for more information. 


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