BOGO Discount Setup



This article provides step-by-step instructions for creating a buy-one-get-one discount. For a detailed overview of the Discount System, see: Discount Method System Overview.


Step 1: Create New Discount Method

Navigate to Marketing > Discounts, and click New.

On the Edit Discount Method Screen:

  • Give the method a name
  • Check Method is Active
  • Save


Discount Rules will be available at the bottom of the Edit Discount Method screen after the method is saved for the first time.


Step 2: Create Discount Rule

Click New Rule at the bottom of the Edit Discount Method Screen:


Step 3: Choose a BOGO Rule Type

Select an item in cart (bogo) for Rule Type and skip ahead to Step 4 if you just want one single item to be BOGO:



If you need more advanced configurability, see BOGO Rule Types below.

BOGO Rule Types:

  • an item in cart (bogo) - Makes BOGO based on item number(s). For example if the item number in the discount is "abc123" the customer will receive buy one get one free if they have two products with "abc123" in their cart.
  • product list in cart (bogo) - Makes BOGO based on a product list you create ((Catalog > Power Features > Product Lists). For example, if two products from the product list are in the customer's cart, the customer will receive one for free in a buy one get one free setup.
  • category in cart (bogo) - Works the same a product list in cart type, but instead of being based on a product list, it is based on the category you choose. Products in subcategories of the chosen category will not receive the discount.
  • category in cart including subcategories (bogo) - works the same as category in cart, but now products in subcategories of the chosen category will receive the discount.
  • Manufacturer in cart (bogo) - Works the same as both the product list in cart and category in cart, but is based on a chosen manufacturer.


Step 4: Create BOGO Discount Rule

On the Edit Discount Rule Screen:

  • Choose a BOGO Rule Type (See Step 3).
  • Set Operator (explained below)
  • Set BOGO Buy ___ Get ____ Criteria
  • Save



  • Equal To: Product's item number must be exactly equal to the item numbers specified in rule.
  • Contains: Product's item number must contain item number specified in rule.
  • RegEx: Use Regular Expressions to match multiple item numbers


Step 5: Create Discount Action

Back on the Edit Discount Method Screen, Click New Action:

On the Edit Discount Action Screen:

  • Check Action is Active
  • Set Action to read "Subtract 100 percent from matched items" (Or "subtract 50 percent from matched items" for BOGO half off, etc).



Lastly, be sure to Save the Action, Save the Method, and set both to active when you're ready for the discount to be available. Here's how the discount setup in this article looks on the shopping cart:


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