Viewing and Managing Customer Address Books



The customer Address Book is a feature in Spark Pay Online Store's that allows customers and site admins to save multiple shipping and billing addresses to a customer's account. Addresses saved in the Address Book can then be used at checkout and on the order edit screen -- this streamlines the checkout process for returning customers and increases conversions.


Add a New Address

To add a new address to a customer's address book, navigate to Customers > Edit Customer > General, then click Add New Address:



On the Customer Address Edit Screen:

  • Enter the Name and Address
  • Optionally check Default Billing and/or Default Shipping
  • Click Save



Using Address Book on Order Edit Screen

Once there is a saved address in a customer's address book, that address can be selected in the Address Book field on the Order Edit Screen:



What the Customer Sees

Customers with accounts can add, view, and edit the addresses in their Address Book on their Customer My Account Page:



Once an address has been saved to a customer's address book, they can then select that address in the Address Book field on the checkout page and their address information will automatically be added to the checkout form fields:



Importing Customer Addresses

Customer addresses can be added and updated in bulk using the customer import feature located in Tools > Data Import > Customer. Below is an example customer export showing the address fields:



For more information on importing customer information, see: How to Add Customers.


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