Setting up Automated B2B Credit Management Using Apruve



This article is a step-by-step walk through on integrating Spark Pay with Apruve. Apruve is "an automated B2B credit management and invoice financing web application" that makes it possible for merchants to offer credit terms to their business customers. Visit for more information.


Step 1: Sign up for Apruve Merchant Account

An Apruve Merchant account is required to set up the integration. To signup for an Account, visit:


Step 2: Get Apruve API Key & Merchant ID

Merchant ID

  • Log in to your merchant account at
  • Once logged in, navigate to Settings > Technical
  • Merchant ID will be located on this page:




  • Click Go To My API Keys.
  • On the next screen click Create an API Key
  • Once created, API Key will be located on this page:



Copy and Paste the API Key and Merchant ID into a secure location, or leave this page up in a seperate window or tab for step 3.


Step 3: Input Apruve API Key & Merchant ID into Spark Pay

In a new browser tab or window, login to your Spark Pay Online Store Dashboard, then Navigate to Tools > Apps and Addons > Apruve. Once there:

  • Check Active On Store
  • Paste in Merchant ID and API Key
  • Click Save:


Note: If you have a multistore, the store the integration applies to can be selected in the top right drop-down next to the Save button.


Step 4: Setup Webhook URL on Apruve Merchant Technical Settings

Back in in your merchant account dashboard on

  • Navigate to Settings > Technical (if you're not already there)
  • Under the Notifications section, enter into the Webook URL Field (be sure to replace with your actual domain)
  • Save:




Using the Integration

Once the steps above are completed, apuve will be an available payment method on the one page checkout:



If selected, the customer will be directed to Apruve to complete the payment once Place Order is clicked.

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